Facebook Celebrates Ramadan with #MonthOfGood Initiative

Facebook has introduced new instruments that help the Muslim world celebrate Ramadan's holy month. This is Covid-19's second Ramadan and people all around the world will face prohibitions. Facebook launched the #MonthOfGood hashtag to help users deal with it.

Muslims are usually calling to Iftars, but again this time people can't be physically together, but the Social Media Platform is helping them remain united and holding a full celebration this month.

Facebook said about the campaign MonthOfGood:

"Last year, over 20,000,000 of our group reported on and commented on the Facebook and the WhatsApp video on the first day of Eid, "Happy Ramadan." While it is difficult to get together, Ramadan continues to be a time for compassion, kindness, and contemplation. In 2020, Ramadan-related fund-raising companies donated twice as much as they did on Facebook and Instagram in 2019."

Facebook has developed a guide to give users 30 ideas to celebrate Ramadan on Facebook's #MonthofGood campaign in order to help people feel more at ease.

The social media firm has also revealed its cooperation with Ramadan developers, publishers, and non-governmental organizations to demonstrate the effect of people on their communities.

"Basma Khalifa, director of the UK, is hosting a video series to celebrate progress makers and small companies in the Moslem world today, on Facebook. Facebook adds: Tahiraah Hairston will also moderate a discussion on modesty in western society and equality in the luxury industry." " Teen Vogue Director of Fashion and beauty."

While this is a great effort by Facebook to remember the Muslim community in certain days, we pray that without Covid rules the next Ramadan can be celebrated.