Facebook rejects the 'regular activity' 2nd data breach in 3 months

The social media giant has a new privacy problem that affected some 500 million Facebook users just two months ago: a huge tool that connects Facebook profiles to their related email addresses even though users decide not to publish them, Wired report.

A video circulated on Tuesday revealed that a researcher was able to connect Facebook accounts to as many as 5 million e-mail addresses a day by showing the Facebook Email Quest v1.0. The researcher who said after Facebook that the vulnerability he discovered was "significant" enough to be resolved did not believe it was, added a list of 65,000 email addresses to the tool.

Facebook Email Search has taken advantage of a front-end flaw that Facebook announced recently, but which "they [Facebook] don't see as significant enough to fix it." The researcher said. Earlier this year, the insecurity of Facebook has finally been remedied.

"The vulnerability is exactly the same," says the researcher. "Then for whatever reason, they told me personally that they would not take action, while I showed this on Facebook and informed them."

Facebook is fired not only to have the means to gather such huge data but also to deliberately promote the notion that Facebook users are posed a minimum danger. The corporation intentionally sent an email to a reporter at the Dutch publication DataNews to "frame it as a broad business problem and normalize the daily occurrence of this activity."