Facebook workers alarmed by the approval by Facebook of Chinese ads depicting Uyghurs as thriving in Xinjiang

Facebook employees reportedly became increasingly worried that the site enabled Chinese stakeholders to purchase propaganda advertising with weak regulations, according to a study published in The Wall Street Journal.

Employees have been talking about advertisements that are bought in Xinjiang province by Chinese companies representing Uiji Muslims in flourishing, even though in re-education camps China has arrested at least 1 million Uiji people in an act called genocide in the USA.

The Journal reported that one Muslim Facebook employee wrote a "call to leadership" to "fight against lies about the genocide in Uighur."

Announcements purchased by Chengdu contained videos of children living in Xinjiang prison camps who are meant to be wonderful lives, said the Journal. The announcements say that the West tried to "destabilize China" through misrepresentation.

The detention camps are identified by Chinese officials as 'training centers' built to counter religious extremism and Terrorism. Sterilization is claimed by the United States and other European countries and torture is part of "cultural genocide" by the Uyghur Muslim community.

Run-state The Xinhua News Agency reportedly bought an advertisement with the Mayor of the city of Xinjiang last month. In the publicity, the mayor said that "peace and prosperity have become a fact for citizens both ethnic groups in Xinjiang" and accused the West of having sought to undermine China's internal relations.

Facebook has recently revealed that its website was used by a group of Chinese hackers for the Uyghur culture. The firm stressed that the organization is referred to as Earth Empusa or Evil Eye, and threatens almost 500 civilians, primarily activists, journalists and foreign dissidents.

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