FinTech Revolution Driving: Partner with UPaisa and Abacus to quickly track digital transformation

A strategic alliance between UPaisa and Abacus for launching a smartphone app to make transfers easier for cashless to access quality financial services. UPaisa will accelerate market time, give consumers more options, increase opportunities for growth and provide the latest technology with its creative offering.

The collaborative partnership enhances the customer interface and opens up more pathways for UPaisa apps for cost optimization.

Shahbaz Khan, GM Segments and Ufone Products commenting on the relationship with Abacus said, "Consumer convenience has become the main priority of UPaisa so that we can improve customer service and ensure greater freedom from our financial institutions. The aim is to create a readily available, user-friendly platform. Our relationship with Abacus will allow us to make changes that get us closer to our objective."

A smart API management framework has been implemented by Abacus to make the UPaisa software smarter and faster for consumers. The enhanced technological architecture would enable consumers to experience seamlessly, reduce flaws and increase the overall efficiency of the app.

This app will be a major move towards Pakistan's vision of digital solutions that allow customers to make digital use of U Paisa services across Pakistan. By means of UPaisa, customers can reimburse all telecommunications operators for their funds and pay bills from the comfort of their homes. Customers can also pay at any convenience store, restaurant, or tank station by checking their MasterCard QR codes. The transition also supports the strategic goal of U Paisa, which is to speed up digital implementation and seamless connectivity over its value-chain to improve customer experience.

"Whereas many Fintech and telecoms continue to adopt the 'wait and see approach, U Paisa is one of the few future-oriented companies in that country that have taken their consumer experience to the next level with the automation of architecture," Abbas Ali Khan, MD, Abacus said. "To help U Paysa grow digital services and improve its status today and in the future, we are extremely proud to participate in the journey," Khan said.

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