Galaxy Fold 3 Samsung has a smaller external display

When we speak of folding screens, a gigantic screen that can be folded is in our heads. But when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 there is yet another story. Shockingly, Samsung's new foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a small external display, which is much smaller than the previous one.

The device would have a 5.4′′ external display with a resolution of 816 x2260 if this information is accurate. The Galaxy Z fold 3 external screen is the same measurement. Is that not strange? Maybe it's just a form and they want to write 6.5′′, but I bet no one would purchase the coming foldable smartphone from Samsung if it is not.

Although the Galaxy Fold2 had a 6.23′′ external display, we were expecting Fold 3 to be 7.6′′ to 7.7′′ larger.

A 7.1′′ inner screen and a 1.5-2′′ external screen will be provided for the next Oppo unit. The Samsung displays are exported by all mobile companies, including Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo with an 8′′ internal screen and a 6.5′′ outer screen. Samsung Displays and TCL CSOT are used by Xiaomi. But Samsung which still relies primarily on its display has chosen a small display for its own device.