Germany wants to stop WhatsApp from implementing a new privacy policy after Turkey

Since it revealed it would update its privacy policies with amendments that would allow Facebook to integrate its users' data across all its services, WhatsApp has been facing a considerable reaction. And today, the firm may still be involved in some legal matters. A German Data Protection Regulator is open to prohibit the company from updating its Data Protection Policies.

Data privacy and freedom of information commissioner Johannes Caspar from Hamburg is trying to prevent the aggregation of WhatsApp data on Facebook, fearing that the firm will use this information to broaden its marketing and advertisement business.

In a tweet, Caspar said: "There is currently reason to suspect that WhatsApp and Facebook are unfairly implementable in terms of data sharing laws on the basis of free and informed consent. Caspar said: A structured regulatory process has already been introduced for protecting data subjects to avoid the illegal exchange of mass data and to bring an end to the unlawful burden of approval on millions of persons.

The objective is to determine the date on which users must agree or (presumably) discontinue using WhatsApp prior to May 15. The injunction will extend only to German citizens, but the proceedings may also be hoped that other countries and authorities will precede.

Turkey has previously conducted a comparable inquiry into the notorious current terms and privacy policies of WhatsApp and Facebook ownership that obliges users to choose to share their details, including phone numbers and locations if they want to use this app.