Google brings compass widget to Android map users

Google Maps continue to add new features, but also sometimes discontinues features that are not relevant or less used by users. One of the features removed is Compass Widget, released with a boom, but it was taken down after some time by the company for whatever reason.

The loss of the Compas widget was certainly no positive news for Maps and they weren't very pleased about this call. Developers from Google Maps announced the latest updates and enhancements to the app last month but left a much-awaited update. In order to surprise consumers, the inclusion of the compass widget was held secret.

Today, Google has announced that this significant feature has been disabled in order to clean up the browser. But now, because of feedback, they have agreed to get it out. The compass displays you north with a red arrow that helps users to access more information about the direction.

Both Android users around the world will love the coming back of the compass widget. A consumer must have a 10.62 or higher version on their devices to have this feature enabled.

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