Google Celebrates Earth Day with a Video Doodle

Today is the day of Earth and the world celebrates it with passionate zeal to raise awareness of greenery and waste. Google still has some special days and takes it upon itself to keep its customers aware of the ongoing situation. Google usually leaves a picture message but, this time with a Doodle animation, stressing our responsibilities to this world and how together we will make our earth a better future.

This year, Doodle aims at rebuilding our planet with natural processes, increasing green solutions, and creative thinking. In this year the environment is being restored across the globe. Google reveals that we live on the planet and that by only planting one sapling at a point we will return any favor.

The Video paying tribute to Earth Day is here from Google Doodle:

The video shows others planting trees, which is causing climate change. The video demonstrates how trees help us by showing them shade. The idea focuses on giving our children a healthier environment and how these saplings mature and prove to be a tree that benefits us. It is, without any doubt, a very positive message and reveals that we should prepare them instead of chopping trees so that our land is a safer place not for ourselves but for the centuries to come.