Google Chrome tests a memory feature to manage web activities easily

According to some recent news, Google is testing a new Chrome feature that will make it easier for users to handle their web traffic. The latest feature is called Google Memories and is available in Chrome Canary at current.

The latest feature Memories will display the web activity of Chrome users in one place. The role is different from the past of browsing. The new page will feature bookmarks, tab classes, and the past of Chrome. Users can easily search through their old web activity in a search bar. The first person to report this feature is Techdows.

Although the Chrome Memory feature is different, it seems familiar somehow. By browsing to your Google account and clicking on the Web & App Activity option, Google provides access to similar information. In any case, it actually makes the new Memories function much easier to manage the memory since it is much easier to find.

In addition, in recent weeks the Chrome team at Google has added many new features to the browser. It newly released version v90 of Chrome. The updated Chrome browser version provides a faster loading speed for supporting websites. The browser also has new features to increase user productivity.

In the meanwhile, Chrome is also working on adding Chrome Browser and Chrome OS music controls that allow users to control background music or video playback.

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