Google deceived consumers over data collection: Australian regulator

The federal court of Australia found that the Google of Alphabet tricked some users regarding personal location data obtained by Android mobile devices, the antitrust regulator of the country said on Friday.

TechCrunch said that it is looking for declarations and fines from Google, but it didn't mention a number, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The decision sent a clear warning to Google and others that large companies should not deceive their customers," ACCC Chair Rody Sims said in the speech, "this is a significant win for consumers and particularly everyone worried about their online privacy.

The case focuses on Google's specific settings for its data processing, location history and search, and smartphone activities.

Google argued falsely that it was only possible between January 2017 and December 2018 to gather data based on the location history of consumer devices.

When activated, Google also allowed the data to be collected, stored, and used to monitor site and application operation, and was switched on the devices by default.

The Court found that it will encourage Google to continue data collection if it turns off its location history but leaves the "Web & App Activity" environment.

The court would determine what is considered an infringement and how many happened, but ACCC President Rod Simms said that the regulator will demand a penalty for "Many Millions." the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC).

The corporation had reviewed its options through a Google spokesperson.

"Some of the general arguments of the ACCC were dismissed by the Court. We disagree with the other conclusions and are now examining our choices with an appeal," said the spokesperson.

In recent months, the tech giant has been engaged in judicial proceedings in Australia when the government conceived a bill to make Google and Facebook pay media providers for advertising on their sites.

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