Google Launches New Tracker to Save Your Browsing History

Google, a major internet advertising company, works to revamp the functionality of the business. In banning third-party cookies, the search engine giant can enter Safari and Firefox in the Chrome web browser.

In contrast with Safari and Firefox, which have already begun to default, Google will take a step-by-step approach and eventually begin to implement a new range of technological solutions. The business has developed a new FLOC system, which will allow 'interest-oriented online ads' without letting marketers know your identity.

According to Google, FLOC is working to render its customers semicircular by associating them with a "cohort," a community of users big enough to invisible users with its goal businesses.

The Chrome browser uses algorithms to build cohorts based on certain goals and needs. Each user's internal navigation history remains confidential and never is shared with others, however, the browser examines the history and subsequently assigns a user to one of those cohorts.

Therefore Google does this for you and has the browser serve a list of user needs of advertisers as they apply for an API, instead of advertisers collecting your history to build a personal profile of you in their repositories.

Many people believe, though, that the entire scheme is built on a "false premise." Google will only demonstrate the rule and take it into the hands of people.