Google Lens Translates Now Screenshots Automatically

Google lens users have been waiting a while for the image translation, and the company has finally made it available for smartphones running Android 11+ on the Google Lens Screenshot UI.

The new application, first seen from 9to5Google, enables Google Lens to make the conversion without an intermediate stage as soon as you take a photo of a foreign language. The translate button will appear on the screenshot and the appropriate text will be automatically detected and translated by a click.

Once the text has been traduced, the screenshot helps you to copy the text, which can be downloaded to social media for offline access or posting. In addition, users can import offline language packs.

If the latest Google Lens Screenshot translate function will still be available in Android 10 or lower is very helpful, but we hope it will exist on Android 12 smartphones. Note that most telephones now run Android 10 or lower, meaning that Google can only implement this option for Android devices 10 and lower.

In addition, for greater functionality, the feature was merged with the web version.