Google limits the apps that see everything else you have got in your phone

Google can now be more careful about which games you will find on your phone in the Play Store. According to Ars Technica, you can offer developers personal features such as dating habits and political affiliations in your list of installed applications as innocent as they sound.

As a consequence, Google will take action on May 5, 2021, when developers must have a very clear explanation for allowing developers access to that information.

You will see a complete list of apps stored on your computer for Android 11 applications that are currently requesting permission from 'QUERY ALL PACKAGES.' However, Google recently revised its development policy and believes that the information is 'internal and confidential user data' that restricts the applications that can access it.

Software with no justified use of developer permissions will be excluded from the Google Play Store for their apps. A declaration form is required to be filled out by all developers who wish to retain the permit for use of their applications.

When the business is misused, the documentation explicitly notes that abusive software, whether they're new to the Play Store or changes to current applications would be harder to deal with. Google can suspend applications and potentially end developer accounts.

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