Google Maps Gets Improved With Inside Live View AR Directions

Google launches a bunch of new features for Google Maps including the new indoor AR guidelines and environmentally friendly traffic recommendations. One of its interesting features is the ability of the Google App to navigate around indoor environments including airports, centers, and stations.

Google has increased accuracy with the Live View to airports, bus stations, and malls. The instructions for viewing live allow you to hold your device, point the camera to your surroundings, and see arrows and icons that indicate where you need to go.

The new feature of Google Maps, called Live View AR, provides digital guidance when using your telephone. So, just find things like a restaurant, bathroom, etc. at Google Maps, if you are at a shopping mall, you can use arrows and other digital signs to take you to your destination.

Initially launched in 2019, the Android and iPhone live view feature was previously limited to external locations. To search on your phone and tape "Directions," you can access the feature on Google Maps and then tape the option "Live View" next to the "Start" tab.

Live View AR will be launched at several malls in Chicago, Long Island, Newark, New Jersey, San Jose, and Seattle. . The newest feature is Live View AR. In the next months, it will also be unveiled at airports, centers, and bus stations in Tokyo and Zurich. In other towns and places, the functionality will soon be funded.

In the coming months, the company says that it will update Google Maps with other features including information on air quality, integration with pick-up grocery stores, and alternative environmentally-friendly driving routes.

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