Google Meet Adds Saver Mode to Help users Remain Punctual in Meetings

Thanks to Covid-19, Google Meet has been one of the most used websites. This helped us to remain close to our loved ones as well as to facilitate official meetings and online courses. Although we have not yet been included in the Covid and are now casualties of the third surge, people are nourished by home jobs and home studies. As a result, several students were using shortcuts to quit the meeting and classes told their bosses/teachers that the battery was running out of power on their phone. But Google Meet needs you to be timely and to do this, Meet Saver Mode will soon open.

If this mode is activated, it restricts data use, retains battery consumption, and reduces the power used by the CPU. By turning on the Toggle in the menu, this mode can be activated.

Although the people who take official meetings and classes are not invited to this feature. Any other features for consumer convenience are being introduced.

These features include the ability for Android devices to react to surveys, stop a Google Meet video conference from iOS, and provide educational Android users with new safety features.

In addition, Google Meet also published question sheet information for Google Workspace editions, which included Essentials, Business Standards, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Education plus, and G Suite Business.

Real-time subtitles are another incredible feature newly introduced. This function is useful if so many participants are in the conference and when you read captions it is better to know what you talk about.