Google Meet extends free ‘Unlimited’ video calling support

Google Meet users are now more than eligible for 'unlimited' free video calls to June 2021 (up to 24 hours). The company has provided all Gmail users with a new extension for Google Meet video calls.

Prior to that, GoogleMeet video appeals could be made free by Gmail users until 31 March 2021. In September last year, the company announced the extension. In fact, during a current coronavirus outbreak, Google is trying to help people stay inside by offering free 24-hour video calling via Google Meeting.

On Twitter, Google's official Workspace confirmed that "unlimited" Google Meet calls would be extended. In order to deliver free "unlimited" video calls, people who work from home and study remote classes are supported by the pandemic.

"It moves this new extension to the beginning of summer. Then as now, the extension will assist friends and family during the pandemic."

Users need not pay for virtual calls with the new "unlimited" Google Meet extension. You can use free Gmail for up to 24 hours to make free calls. Any user with an Internet connection with a Google Meet call is allowed to connect to any contact.

With Google Meet users can connect to their Google Meet call up to 100 participants. Furthermore, the participants don't even need to sign up for their Google Meet app.

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