Google Photos Desktop Web Browser Gets Google Lens Feature

Found from 9 to 5 Google, for Google Photos web browsers, Google lens is made available. Google can recognize the text with this function by using technology to recognize the optical characters (OCR). When recognizing text, Google Lens displays pulsating points around the graphic. Google has previously incorporated the Lens feature into the Android app of Google Photos that allows users to search pictures.

Google is without question changing the software for a better interface and has also released a new Lens logo with a camera that represents better working than ever.

When you open a file containing any text, Google automatically opens an "Image Text Copy" window, located next to the other options including sharing, editing, zooming, and controls. If a user chooses the alternative, pulsating points are shown in the image, and text is extracted from it.

It also allows users to pick every aspect of the text that they choose to evaluate. This function works very well. I normally google stuff and I get some helpful information written about pictures I had to compose myself in MS Word. The handwritten, typed, or printed text can be quickly analysed and converted to machine-encoded texting.

It is, without a doubt, the best feature so far and will certainly make life simpler.

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