Google Removes movies and the tv app from these platforms

Google keeps making many updates to its app and services. Google also pulled the shopping service because the business would not profit. Now Google's Play Movies & TV app on certain smartphones are being suspended. The company made a number of modifications to these apps before, but many people could not use these platforms.

The search engine is updating the help page of its Apps secretly, showing that Samsung, LG, and Vizio Smart TVs won't have this application available on June 15.

Many that own and use the above-mentioned computers still have access to the features of the Google Play Movies & TV app. What they need to do is open and log into the YouTube app of their Google account to view previously made purchases.

Purchases purchased from the Play Family Library are shown in the YouTube app, but the purchases made on YouTube do not encourage family sharing. On the other hand, shopping from the website or smartphone will continue to encourage family sharing.

It looks like Google is currently carrying a cleaning drive and is completing all the applications and services that are not beneficial to the business. You can find the company surprises with the latest Apps and services until the cleaning drive is complete.  Let’s wait and watch.