Google to Shutdown its Shopping App in June

Google shuts down several of the company's unprofitable products these days. This time, the turn of the Google Shopping App is the least used, not even common. This application was launched in 2019 and offered a personal telephone shopping experience. All can be found in the lists of various retailer companies and a customer can compare and then decide to purchase their rates. This software often notifies consumers whether an object they wanted is sold.

For example, you can get several searches for the product when you purchase a Lays carton on Google. There is a shopping register just above them, which takes you to a different window, which lets you buy and compare product prices.

XDA noticed a code that had a "sunset" prefix and told users to shop on the site by another string. Following this disclosure, Google announced that it had been unable to draw people to the platform since 2019.

Google Shopping App will continue to run on apps until June. Android as well as iOS users would have to wave it away after that. Google Spokesman said during the talk about this app:

"We won't help the shopping app anymore over the next few weeks. The Shopping tab contains many of the features of the software provided to users. Within the Shopping Register, we will continue developing features and other Google surfaces, including Google's app, that make discovering and shopping for people easy."

If you know, a large number of users will start using this app and Google modifies its decision to discontinue the app. Let's wait and watch.