Hackers are targeting Pakistani taxpayers with FBR emails containing harmful malware

The FBR on Saturday said that the income tax authority did not send e-mail after taxpayers in Pakistan, among others, protested that the income tax default list had been falsified. The income agency said it was informed that some hackers misuse FBR's identity.

The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) warned taxpayers, in a statement, that hackers not only aim to capture confidential financial information, they also threaten to deprive their networks of malware and spy on it. Cybercriminals do so using bogus e-mails to advise target taxpayers to see their data in an attached tax default list. Any of the e-mails are recorded to include the attached defaulter list passwords as well.

The tax authorities requested that general citizens be careful and do not download attachments that are sent by bogus emails as they include attempts to infect the users with "harmful viruses & malware," including phishing and spamming.

The recipient collecting body recommended that recipients totally ignore e-mails such as "Alert@fbr.news" – not an official FBR e-mail address – and refused to link to emails that would be sent from a false email address.

FBR offered advice for taxpayers on the official FBR website in order to assist taxpayers in dealing with such fake emails.