HarmonyOS Expected to Reach 300 million Devices in 2021

After the U.S. firms left Huawei on the suspicion of hacking, Google revealed that it wouldn't provide support for Android OS updated in the next few years. Although this could be a big setback for a mobile maker, Huawei seized it as a chance to announce its own HarmonyOS operating system. The OS has initially only started on a smart TV, but the company is investing heavily in its growth, taking into account the ecosystem's future.

The organization recently reported that 20 hardware suppliers and 280 applications producing companies were drawn by the high features and reliability of this OS. It means a significant increase in the number of Harmony OS units.

The Chinese manufacturer has said that 300 million HarmonyOS devices are planned for this year and, strangely, a hundred million of them will be unplugged by the firm. Wang Chengdu has previously mentioned in an interview that this operating system is so constructed that it is compliant with many platforms other than just smartphones and TVs.

It would be suitable for many brands because of its universal existence. The company said it would come with HarmonyOS on its forthcoming smartphones, but the release roadmap has not been discussed with the company.

Though Huawei's launch is very offensive, only a time can say whether HarmonyOS will win people's hearts. Do you think Harmony will take over Android in a few years' time?