HBL launches the first comprehensive Personal Management tool supported by Hysab Kytab in Pakistan

The first detailed Personal Finance Managers (PFM) solution, first provided by any bank in Pakistan, has been introduced by HBL in partnership with Hysab Kytab. The PFM (budgeting) tool by Hysab Kytab is integrated into HBL Mobile and enables the access of all app users.

Veqar Ul Islam, Hysab Kytab's founder and Jaffer Group Director stated:

"There's a big milestone going live for HBL. Hysab Kytab is a Pakistan-born PFM and I would like to say that HBL has trusted and selected its own digital channel. This is how our local banks will help the Pakistani FinTech industry in developing solutions to local needs."

The Chief Digital, Innovation & Financial Inclusion Officer at HBL updated on the partnership, Abrar Mir:

"This partnership with Hysab Kytab is a key move in offering a holistic view of our mobile banking customers and empowers them to decide adeptly on their finances. HBL continues to supply creative banking technologies, and this PFM is going to serve as an online and mobile banking differentiator."

In the first step of launch, mobile app users will be able to save costs, log them, schedule and track them, and access all account balances in one location, among other things. HBL will also be able to document and track costs. The next step involves personality and data integration which can improve consumer service more.

HBL Mobile is steadfastly working on developing a deeper understanding of customer needs in order for customer-centered digital banking companies to have intuitive banking solutions, under the motto "more than simply banking."

Our customers are encouraged to log in and use the HBL Mobile App, press the budgets section.

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