Hey Spotify- A Hands-free mode rolls out for Users

Spotify, there's something new about a previously used service. Thus, with the "Hey Spotify" option hands-free music lovers can turn the music without using their hands. The new alternative has begun to roll out and some of the users have already obtained it but unfortunately, I'm not one of the lucky users, so that I can rely on the experiences the people have shared. As GSMArena reports, users will get a warning first when the Spotify App is opened, which shows the measures required to unlock it.

Users are led to a new screen while taping on this feature, and are told to toggle on "Hey Spotify." If the Spotify app is running on mobile devices, the user can use an integrated voice search.

Many people will be concerned about the app's privacy policies because this new choice gives us the impression that Spotify really listens to us. However, the privacy policy of Spotify ensures that only search transcriptions done by pressing the voice button are recorded by the organization and carried out. Spotify's voice order feature for premium apps was also unveiled in 2019.

This functionality adds only hand-free use inside the software. However, since this functionality is copied from the "Hey Google" and the "Hey Siri" commands of Google and Apple Assistant, I do not understand why people would use Spotify because they can perform the same feature in Android and iOS. It seems like Spotify is very confident that people are using his voice command feature and can enjoy hands-free mode.

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