How to Load Telenor Card? 5 Ways to Recharge Telenor Number

Telenor 4G is a premium Pakistani telecommunications service provider. With over 22,000 people employed as members of Telenor's DNA, Telenor is a multicultural and international company. However, they all share a common goal to empower societies with the new technology and services because of which they have over the years become a renowned company. Telenor also offers its beloved customers a number of packages, which make it an enormous user base. This post, however, contains a guide to load your Telenor card or to recharge your Telenor number.

How to Load Telenor Card? 5 Ways to Recharge your Telenor Number

Method 1 (Scratch Card Method):

  • Go and buy a Telenor card from your nearest shopping store. Then scratch with the help of a coin or metal tool.
  • Open your phone's dialer now.
  • Now, dial *555* by a 14 digit number on the card and then dial #.
  • Click now on the call icon and successfully load the Telenor card.

How to recharge the Telenor number via Easypaisa App?

2nd Method (Through Easypaisa app):

The Easypaisa app allows you to recharge your Telenor number. To send credit to Telenor via the Easypaisa app, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Easypaisa app first and sign in on your smartphone.
  • Click Easyload from the main menu.
  • Now enter and click on your phone number.
  • In the next step, select Telenor from the list of telecom operators.
  • Later, enter your Telenor number for the amount to be sent. Click on the Next and successfully fill in your Telenor number.

3rd Method (Through My Telenor App):

  • Smartphone users can download the My Telenor App to recharge a Telenor card.
  • Depending on the operating system, you can download the app from the Play Store or from the App Store. Start the app for My Telenor App. It is installed once.
  • Now enter your mobile number into your account and an OTP is sent to your number for verification. You can access the My Telenor App after verification.
  • Now you can see a number of options on the app’s main interface.
  • The "tap to recharge" option can be seen on the main interface. Click it.
  • Select "Pay with Scratch Card" now after.
  • You are going to go to a new menu. You must add your number and the number of your scratch card here. Tap on recharge and your mobile phone can charge the Telenor card.

Method 4 (Through online account on the website):

How to Load Telenor Card? 5 Ways to Recharge Telenor Number

You can also recharge your number on Telenor's official website. However, you will have to create a Telenor Connect account that will allow you to pay for postpaid bills, recharge, and so on.

  • Don't click on links or attachments on emails/social media which aren't of an actual source.
  • Be careful when trying to infect your device with malware or try to get your confidential information with suspicious e-mail and websites.
  • Do not share with anyone any code you receive via SMS.

5th Method (Through JazzCash App): 

You can also send credit or recharge your Telenor number through the Jazz cash app. You should just download the app and create an account from your play store or App Store. Choose easy load from the main menu. Then type the number of your phone, amount and choose Telenor and press the jazz app next to recharge.