How to Mute Spotify Ads Without Paying For the Premium

Will you like to enjoy Spotify-free music? Ok, we all know this can only be done when you buy your "Premium" subscription in India from Rs. 199 a month. But what if I told you that when you listen to your favorite Spotify music, you can mute these advertisements, too. Yes, you have read this correctly, without paying for a Premium subscription you will mute Spotify advertisements. However, one of their plans has to be purchased to completely block them. Please read to know the trick of magic.

Mute Spotify Ads Without Paying For the Premium

There is an app called "Mutify," which will mute advertisements without premium on Spotify's application. The application relies on the advertising being muted rather than blocked. You need a paid plan to do so, as discussed above. However, the software is totally free and user-friendly. Here is how it works!

Steps to Mute Spotify Ads

1. Download & install the Mutify app to Google Play Shop.

2. Open it after you have installed it. The app will keep Spotify ads silent in the background. Then first, you need to disable the battery optimization feature of Android.

3. Select the battery, and then seek "battery optimization" on your phone settings. This can be done under various names on different devices in battery settings.

4. All apps using your phone's battery will be shown on the list. Find the "Mutify" app and then disable its battery optimization feature. You'll have to choose 'Don't Optimize' on some phones.

5. Switch to the Mutify app and click "Spotify Open" or open the Spotify application directly.

6. To open the Spotify settings, click on the icon in the top right corner and look for the 'Broadcast Device' feature. To allow the feature, tap on it.

7. Finally open Mutify and tap on "I Did it" after finishing all of these steps.

8. Next, to enable it, switch on the "Mute Ads" slider.

That's it.  The app still works to mute Spotify ads in the background. If you're worried about draining your battery, you might turn on the icon in the upper right-hand corner and activate its dark mode by checking the box next to the "dark only mode" button.

Wrapping Up

This is how Spotify ads will be mute without something being paid for. Although Mutify does not offer an infinite listening experience because it only nods ads, it is much better than hearing those boring repetitive updates while enjoying your music.

Keep tuned to more of these tips and tricks!

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