How to to Save Images from Google Docs to Your Computer

Adding an image to Google Docs is simple. However, it may be painful for many to create and save an image from Google Docs. Click on 'Save Image' to save the image. You can't right-click. So, what if you want a picture from the doc? Well, we've got a few tricks to do the job. Below are the five most important means of downloading and saving the device images from Google Docs. Now, we have to know about How to Save Images from Google Docs to Your Computer.

How to Save Images from Google Docs to Your Computer?

The feature of Google to right-click the image has been deleted and saved from Google Docs. Downloading an image from a Google document makes it impossible for users. Fortunately, many methods may be used to do this work.

Method # 1. Publish Doc and Save Image

You can save photos from the document using Google Doc's built-in web feature. You just have to publish your document on the Internet, open your web link and save pictures from every website like you normally do.

  • Open your browser to Google Doc.
  • Top left corner, click on the file option.
  • Tap Now Publish to the Web. 
  • Click Publish. When asked to confirm.
  • A published link is available now. Copy it to a new tab and open it.
  • A version of your document will now be published.
  • Right-click on a picture, click Save image as.
  • Select your computer's desired location.
  • To download Google Doc's image file, click Save.

Method # 2: Save Doc as Web Page (Best for Multiple Images)

Save each picture manually can be tiresome. So it is best to download multiple pictures in Google Doc as HTML, which will enable you to view the images of the document in a high-quality way too.

  • Open your browser to Google Doc.
  • Top left corner, click on the file option.
  • Choose Download Page >> Web Page (.html, zipped).
  • A zip file to your computer is being downloaded.
  • Use software such as WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the zip file.
  • In the "Images" folder you can find all the images from Google Docs.

Method # 3. Download as Word Document

By right-clicking on them and tapping in Save Image, Microsoft Word allows you to save images. Given the option to download the document from Google Docs as a Word document (.docx), on your computer you can do the same thing, as follows:

  • Open your browser to Google Doc.
  • Top left corner, click on the file option.
  • Select the Word document and tap Download.
  • After downloading a word.docx file, open it. Enable editing if requested.
  • Click on the image with the right-click. To save your picture, Click on Save as Picture.
  • Save the image on your computer as you will normally do.

Method # 4. Save Images from Google Docs Via Google Keep

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to download a Google Docs image and to save from it. You simply need a few clicks and the boom saves the image with its original quality on your computer.

  • Open your browser to Google Doc.
  • Right-click on the document's image.
  • Click on Save to Keep.
  • The image now opens in a sidebar in Google Keep.
  • Right-click the sidebar image.
  • Click Save Image As.
  • Please choose and save the desired folder on your computer.

Method # 5. Save Google Docs Image by Taking Screenshot

The other way to save Google Docs images is to take screenshots directly from within the document. Open the Google Docs document and zoom in on the page for maximizing the quality of the image on your screen.

Windows users can now take a screenshot with Print Screen or Snipping Tool. Mac users may use the screenshot tool, on the other hand, or use the Shift+Command+3 key combination to record the screen. From the screenshot, you can then cut the image.

Notice that the quality of the picture is not as impressive as the first.

Wrapping Up

There have been five simple ways to download and save your computer picture from Google Docs. Of all things, I consider Google Keep the most simple and time-consuming method. However, which one would you use to extract Google Docs pictures? In the comments below, let me know. Feel free to contact any queries you may have.

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