Huawei Is Aiming To Launch New Foldable Phones

For a long time, foldable phones have been a standard entered into by companies like Samsung. Huawei also competed with Samsung and other competitors and joined this competition. Huawei counteracts its rivals by announcing the start of three new folding smartphone systems with Samsung's plans to announce two new foldable models.

After Samsung launched its first Galaxy fold, the Chinese company began working on foldable technology. However, the corporation was not able to grab Samsung in this domain because of some limitations created by the American government.

Folding handsets have been a tradition for companies such as Samsung for a long time now. Huawei also competed and joined Samsung as well as other rivals. Huawei counteracts rivals with Samsung's plans to announce that three new folding smartphone systems will start.

The Chinese company started focusing on foldable technology after Samsung unveiled its first Galaxy fold. However, because of certain restrictions of the American government, the company could not take Samsung into this area.