Huawei is expected to launch test satellites for 6G verification

Huawei aims to launch in July 2021 two satellites together with Chinese companies in the area of space exploration that are currently under investigation and development, focusing on verifying 6G networking technologies.

The company has not yet published details of this launch until the key technologies, including networking and switching, are currently in view. As Huawei is working on its 6G network layouts, it is important to remember that this technology is almost 50 times quicker and more advanced compared to the 5G technology currently being used by global tech companies.

Though 5G networks rely on base stations to transmit signals, 6G networks are more dependent on satellite communications according to recent research. Moreover, the importance of satellite communications has increased tremendously over the last year and the company has emphasized ‘new infrastructure’ if they are to move forward to launch 6G by 2030.

So far no word exists on how other countries are aimed at countering Huawei or creating roadblocks similar to what the US government was doing where the Chinese technology giant was unable to access Android and its features.

All in all, the 5G race appears to be fighting a war for 6G that is soon to start.