Huawei Reveals Plans For 6G Technology

In recent reports, Xu Zhijun, President of Huawei, has shown that by 2030 the firm will use next-generation 6G technology. The President says that in contrast with the new 5G infrastructure, which is also in the prototype process, this system would be 50 times better.

He further indicated that the white paper on 6G would give industry regulators the requisite technology information that will be presented shortly. This next-generation technology delivers high capacity and improved measurements, such as connectivity, peak rate, spectrum performance, and more. The technology is said to be revolutionizing the interactions between consumers and technologies, as it would have a positive effect on the industry's healthcare, education, automotive industry, etc.

It further demonstrates that the organization is by all measures the technological and engineering leader in spite of problems with the US Government. How do other countries react to Huawei's bold move? The question here is:

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