If we want to achieve global importance, Pakistan must focus on technology: Fawad Chaudhry

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry stressed that technology firms would determine the future. He believes that Pakistan must concentrate its efforts on technical growth if it wants to achieve any importance on the world stage.

An earlier post by the former minister of science and technology on Twitter highlighted Apple's latest collection of profits of more than $23 billion. The CNET article

"Tech giants have the current and future; if we want to gain some relevance on the world stage, then Pakistan must be centered on technology...." tweeted the minister.

Although this might sound like an easy statement to make, it is a priority. Eventually. Since the planet hurts towards a ground-breaking tech era, any country from the smallest nanobot to the biggest moon landers must make sure that they don't ignore the technological front.

And exactly this is the argument made here by Fawad Chaudhry.

Recently, many noteworthy innovations have been seen, including electric buses that eventually reach the streets and IT exports that surpass the 1 billion dollar mark, which gives people hope for the future as a Pakistani resident. However, we need to sustain this course of technological leap and limit so that the digital platform will keep growing from obscurity.

In addition, various technological fields are ready to be explored. For instance, in Pakistan, biotechnology and biology have not received much attention. The global biotech industry is projected to cross $1 000 billion annually and this is one indication of the countries best practice with breakthroughs such as bio-energy and genome editing making waves.

In conclusion, the government really has to contribute to creativity, and that will only happen if it continues to promote, endorse and support innovations instead of obsessing overregulation and control.