Ignite CEO lauds world-class facilities at NICL, meets inspiring start-up founders

Ignite, the CEO of the LUMS-Lahore National Incubation Center, Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain, said: "This visit to NICL has been a wake-up call for the work and the sacrifices that the team and the Superior Facilities have done... The places for co-working, the Makers Lab, the NICL training rooms are world-class."
Husain has visited the facility and received an extensive report on progress made at the center recently named to his position in the National Technology Fund and his maiden visit to NICL.

He stressed that "For a good company to begin, they must engage with various ecosystem players including sponsors, faculty and other start-ups to fire their own zeal. This is the goal here. I've had the chance today to visit some start-ups with exciting ideas. Our aim was to accelerate them and finally make them self-sustainable.

Mr. Saleem Ahmad, CEO of NICL spoke at the occasion about his vision for the development of a district for creativity, where business, academics, and talent are intertwined in the resolution of the major problems in Pakistan. Mr. Ahmad emphasized that NICL is "a mission to enhance radically its skill level, exposure, and connectivity for our program participants so that we can show a model to realize the immense potential of Pakistan's young people." "It's the only way to catapult economic growth in high impact areas for Pakistan," he said. We hope to set the fire to a movement to build, innovate and resolve for us ourselves by encouraging, empowering, engaging, and fostering recruits from across Pakistan."

The focus of NICL is on the growth of five major vertical industries: farming, education, the environment, finance, and healthcare. The goal is to promote technological solutions using the power to build profitable companies that support overcoming crucial difficulties in Pakistan, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, clouding, virtual reality, and enhanced Reality as well as specialist hardware.

A tour of NICL's state-of-the-art facility including co-working spaces and meeting rooms for start-ups was organized by Mr. Husain and his staff, Mr. Umair Qureshi, Manager Monitoring for Ignite and Head of DigiSkills, and Mr. Ihsan Elahi, Manager Projects at Ignite.

They also took part in a tour and demonstration of the Makers Laboratory and saw their start-up machines, including a 3D prototype printer, a CNC computer, and a PCB manufacturing laboratory. The Makers Laboratory is a project designed to make quick prototyping of its products easier for companies, a centralized facility, for everyone who wants to create a hardware device.