Immersive View of Zoom Brings Participants Together in one Virtual Room

The third wave of Covid-19 is witnessing Pakistan more deadly than the last. Where appropriate, the government has recommended work from home for private employees and 50% workers. People around the world still have the same routine to stop this infectious disease outbreak. Many businesses and schools have, under certain cases, embraced online work and studies and are keeping online. As a result, the last year saw abrupt surges from sites such as Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco, and several others.

Zoom, the video telephony app, has taken the opportunity and introduces certain characteristics that will benefit consumers and force them to continue to use this service. Whilst in recent times the company has implemented many features, it has created an Immersive View feature for more attractive and interactive meetings and classrooms.

This functionality allows a host to set a personalized history topic for the respective meeting or to create a layout that embeds the videos of participants into a space shared by all. Initially launched last year at Zoomtopia 2020, this feature now lets desktop users around the globe.

For both free and paying users, this immersive view is received by chance. This latest addition would enhance the quality of meetings and classrooms. Imagine attending a lesson in the background so that you can attend more enthusiastic classes. The interactive view currently serves up to 25 members so that large classes or meetings cannot experience this function.

If this function has been received, an administrator can activate it via Settings > Meetings + Advanced Meeting > Immersive View inside the meeting. Upon activating it, after the meeting has begun, users can select the immersive view by clicking on "View > Immersive view > Scene selection > Start."

This is no doubt a big improvement and will give us a colorful feeling of being together in those busy days of Coronavirus, as well as meetings, schools, and other activities.