Important information about the iPhone 13 came out before the launch

The echo of Apple's iPhone 12 has not yet over and the new model is being released under the names iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S by those interested in technology, particularly the Apple products. Discussion started.

The iPhone 12 family was launched last year using 5G networking, unchanged architecture, and reliable chipsets in accordance with the Innovation Radar technology website. And in line with the tradition, Apple is planning to unleash iPhone 13.

Experts report that four iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini versions are being launched in 2021. By 2020, three models were attracted, but the iPhone 12 family had its mini-model included. Rumor has also been dropped that the mini model was hot as it was not so successful on the iPhone 12 mini model.

Apple also works to improve the concept of the iPhone 13, the board, and the camera for sharper and better photos in the night, according to the website; however, according to some experts the camera can only be upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although the latest A15 chipset drives these versions.

The next iPhone generation is scheduled to be sold in America 699 in September of this year, but that date may change.

Experts say that Apple launches its flagship phones over the last ten year at the beginning of September but in October the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and other versions, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, were launched last year as a result of Corona. In November the Pro Max was released because of component flaws. In consequence, however, the sales of telephones increased.

Apple's latest device would have very similar design and screen technologies to the iPhone 12 since Apple has upgraded it to a large degree. And theoretically, a new screen could add a higher rate of screen refreshment, which would allow the user to view social media feeds smoother and better for playing games. Experts claim this latest model could have an iPad Pro-like display, in which the refresh rate depends on the user operation.

The latest Top Two Models will have a screen of 120 Hz according to the Korean website The Elec. And like Android phones, it is also possible to incorporate useful features like 'Always on show.' And, like Android, new models will probably add a 'fingerprint scanner under the display.'

The site notes that a "periscope" camera is added to the iPhone13, which offers an ideal 10X optical zoom feature to the user. There are also some reports. The iPhone13 or iPhone12 would possibly have 1TB of the storeroom on the market. However, it would be impossible to say something before the official release of Apple.

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