In the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber threats are growing, losses over $4.2 billion

791,790 cases of alleged cybercrimes were registered by the Federal Internet Crime Center investigative office last year — up over 300,000 complaints from 2019. The damages reported were over $4.2 billion, Yahoo News says.

Hackers are working to manipulate loopholes in data networks to steal money and private information, with city governments, colleges, and companies using the Internet to keep linked during the epidemic.

The Department has said that scams for computers "phishing," scams for non-payments, and internet-based extras are all the most significant cyber-crimes.

The attacks include malware, ransomware, and e-mail phishing fraud, and old-fashioned games that use the internet to cheat people out of money.

A new cyber center works with local administrations to help them learn how to reduce the threats, respond to attacks and harden their hacker networks.

General Prosecutor Maura Healey has established a separate Information Privacy and Security Division, to protect users from cyber attacks.

Healey said the current cyber division is focused on 'enhancing the digital economy for Massachusetts users to ensure that businesses secure sensitive data and promote fair and free Internet access.'