In a Landmark achievement, Cross 100 million Mark in Pakistan is Mobile Broadband Subscribers

With supportive government policies, efficient competition among telecommunications providers, and a pledge to implement and use advanced technology by Pakistan's Telecommunications Authorities, broadband subscriptions have reached a historic $100 billion mark in Pakistan.

Less than 2 million subscribers were made in 2012, but the number was 16 million in 2014 and 100 million in 2021 after 3G services were launched. At one of the lowest prices in the country, 87 percent of the nation's population now has access to broadband/Internet networks.

In addition, over 3G/4G networks broadband has an overall 17.7 Mbps download speed and a data upload rate of 11.3 Mbps, above the other regional countries' speed standards. Cell data rates decreased to just 0.70% of GNI per capita, way below the recommendation of the UN Broadband Commission by less than 2%.

The four national mobile phone operators (CMOS), SCO, and fixed-line broadband operators, including PTCL, have collectively more than 100 million broadband subscribers. The increasing use of data networks in all segments of the national economy, acceptance among consumers, and the launch of new and creative services by the operators have made it possible.

Other Milestones:

The Pakistan telecommunications industry has reached several previous milestones such as 100 million smartphone subscribers in 2010, the first biometrically verified SIMs to be introduced nationwide in 2009, and the first Open Source Device Identification Register and Blocking System (DIRBS) to be introduced worldwide in 2019.

PTA commends the consumers and service providers of this landmark to make us proud. Soon, all partners and the international/national broadcasting audience are to be publicly held.

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