India asks Twitter to delete tweets criticism of its handling of COVID-19

The Indian government has directed Twitter's social media website to take hundreds of tweets that criticized the Indian treatment of the Coronavirus epidemic, including those by local legislators.

Following a legal appeal from the Indian government, a spokesperson told Reuters on Saturday, Twitter withheld some of the tweets.

The government ordered an emergency censor of tweets, a Harvard University experiment revealed by Twitter on a Lumen website.

21 tweets were listed in the government's legal application on 23 April and made public on Lumen. Tweets included a lawmaker named Revnath Reddy, Moloy Ghatak, a West Bengal official, and the movie director called Avinash Das. Amongst these were tweets.

It was the Information Technology Act 2000 which was cited by the Government.

The Twitter spokeswoman said in an e-mailed statement, "We check this request both in accordance with the Twitter rules and with local law when we obtain a legitimate legal application.

In India, overwhelmed hospitals pleaded for oxygen on Saturday as coronavirus infections in India flooded into what the Delhi high court referred to as a "tsunami" and established a third consecutive day world record on cases.

India is in a rampant second wave of the pandemic, killing one Covid 19 in just about every four minutes, while the under-funded healthcare infrastructure of the capital is stiffening.

There were about 1.3 billion cases around the world up to 346,786, said the Ministry of Health on Saturday, totaling 16.6 million cases. According to Saturday estimates, Covid-19's deaths increased by 2,624 to 189,544.

Health experts told India that new cases were about 10,000 daily and seemed to be controlled in the winter. Authorities relaxed prohibitions for major crowds, including large concerts and municipal elections, to be resumed.