Instagram Adds New Tools to Block Abusive and Hateful DMs

Instagram continues to filter hateful and inappropriate posts from its website and another step in addressing the problem will be taken shortly. In its Direct Messages (DM), the social media giant adds additional resources to better prevent hateful and violent messages.

Many violent and hateful comments come from DM requests, according to Instagram. This comes from users who have never followed you or have previously sent you messages, but who try to send DMs.

Instagram will also filter these requests with a list of keywords, emojis, and anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations. These DM requests have been created.

Your DM requests can no longer contain Instagram filtered words or emojis, or you have added special words to them. In the privacy settings segment "Hidden Words," you can find options for this feature.

Instagram Adds New Tools to Block Abusive and Hateful DMs

All your filtered DM requests appear in a different hide folder and the text of the message is obscured before you decide to open it. You will approve, reject, erase or report the application from here.

It was also tougher for Instagram to message you for blocked accounts. When a user is blocked, any new accounts that they want to create will no longer access you How Instagram determines whether a person tries to make new accounts is uncertain, but many should accept this update.

In the coming weeks, the DM request filter update will be available globally in approximately one month.