Instagram launches feature to tackle hate speech

Instagram from Facebook is introducing a feature to discourage people from viewing inappropriate comments by filtering derogatory terms and phrases in the sharing application.

On Wednesday, the company said it would also be difficult to bypass and access persons blocked by users via new accounts, along with the filter choice for malicious direct messages.

Instagram is pushing to address hate talk and bullying on its web website, which is more common with teenagers and young adults than Facebook's main app.

The filter can be enabled in the privacy settings on Instagram to include words, phrases, and emojis that are blocked or avoided in their message requests. The filter can be customized by users.

Users can report, remove or open messages that will be sorted by their discretion into a secret folder for requests, Instagram said.

In some countries in the coming weeks, the functionality that is relevant only to direct message requests and not the inbox itself will roll out.

From a few weeks on, all users have the expanded ability to completely ban contacts from Instagram after their account is blocked.