iPhone 12 Users will enjoy from iOS 14.5 Update Dual SIM 5G support

There is a recent iOS upgrade in the city with new functionality, which can be very exciting to people with 5G compliant smartphones. IOS 14.5 update has an iPhone 12 user special feature that offers 5G users a Dual SIM mode connection.

The new iPhone models allow people to load two telephone numbers simultaneously. Up to now, on iPhone 12, by using two sim cards, users were limited to 4G LTE, although they were compatible with 5G. The latest upgrade allows you to simultaneously benefit from 5G networking on all lines.

iPhone 12 Users will enjoy from iOS 14.5 Update Dual SIM 5G support

In addition, Apple enhanced the Smart Data mode for the iPhone 12 in the latest update. It is concealed in the configuration menu and switches the telephone from 5G to LTE dynamically in view of improved service access at the respective time. The computer gets better life and efficiency than before with this feature. Although these updates are not 5G game-winners, they make life better for people than ever.

In addition, iOS 14.5 has more fun features. Now users can use Apple Watch to open their iPhone if a mask is in use. Device tracking transparency is another important new feature, allowing you to limit what applications monitor your behavior. Finally, iOS 14.5 now provides access to AIRTAG, so users are now able to monitor AIRTAG's hardware features.