IT and telecom Ministers Meet Korean Smartphone Manufacturing Assistance Ambassador

Federal IT and Telecommunications Minister Syed Amin Ul Haque yesterday met with the Republic of Korea's ambassador, Mr. Suh Sangpyo, to address some significant issues relating to smartphone production. In the sector of IT and Telecom, all parties decided to collaborate.

The South Korean Ambassador was received by Syed Amin Ul Haquw in his office, and there was a meeting between the two officials. Things of IT and common concern were addressed during the conference.

Pakistan recognizes its friendship with South Korea as one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in Asia, said Federal Minister. He also noted that, in the world that is progressing rapidly in Pakistan's IT & Telecom Market, the Ministry of IT & Telecom is taking significant action on digitalization.

In addition, the Federal Minister said that Pakistan wishes to draw on Korea's IT and telecommunications expertise. The Korean ambassador was also asked to assist Pakistan in the production and assembly of smartphones. He stressed that Korea's IT & Telecom companies should invest in Pakistan as Pakistan's environment is conducive to FDI. The Minister also said that the trade between the two countries between IT professionals and start-ups would bring results and lead to a positive amount.

On the other side, the Korean Ambassador said he planned to set up a centre for the surplus knowledge in Pakistan. In addition, he also praised the efforts of the IT ministry in the country to create and promote IT and telecom.