It is now possible to prevent anyone from commenting on a Facebook post

Facebook allows you the ability to block a requested person's message or comments, which means the post itself can be reproached or ridiculed in a portion.

Facebook players and other famous individuals called attention to the fact that everybody opened their mouths and commented on their posts based on color, caste, and other stereotypes. Facebook has also introduced a major mechanism for stopping hate speech and racist slurs on its website.

This tool helps people to choose a post for any user, entity, or community according to the organization. This enables them to see the post and prevents those users from writing on the public post. This feature has also been discussed on Instagram, a related Facebook website.

"We hope that users will use their contents to avoid undue intrusion by having further control over the public message," said Facebook.

Facebook added that you can also restrict the number of people who comment whether you are affiliated with a famous celebrity, a designer, or a company. This increases your safety and enables you to initiate constructive group discussions.

It should be remembered that British football players faced similar issues on Facebook and stepped away. However, several players have said that the racist messages on Facebook have not stopped. Facebook just took this measure at the time.

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