Karachi’s Hot Weather to Continue For Another Two Days

The heat from Karachi that began on Friday, with temperatures ranging from 37°C to 40 °C, is projected to continue for the next two days.

The Pakistan Department of Meteorology has forecast a very hot weekend spell in Karachi. Much of Friday's warm winds were whipped all over the area, and temperatures were rising to 38.5°C.

"You must have seen the weather perfect till 11 AM," said Sardar Sarfaraz of the Meteorological Department. It later changed when warm dry winds came and blocked the sea arise that has made the city's weather more than a week's fun."

He clarified that the warm continental winds essentially were the consequence of the leaving west disruption, which led to rain and hail in Pakistan's highest regions.

"This is a normal phenomenon, after the departure of this device. The weather would probably stay the same for at least two days," he said.