KPK’s social welfare program goes digital, “Mustahiq” app for Zakat distribution introduced

The digital transformation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is progressing at an alarming rate, as the province continues to digitize its functions rapidly and also put the other provinces behind as regards the growth in the IT field. KPK was the first province to digitize its social benefits system and to provide a national health insurance system for its residents.

Zia Ullah Bangash, Chief Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Science & Information Technology Adviser, announced Saturday the launch of the "Mustahiq" software. According to the consultant, the app provides the general public with simple localization knowledge on the different KPK Zakat systems, hospital sites, and local zakat representatives' contact information. The goal of the app is to increase public awareness about KPK government social welfare programs so that the public can make seamless use of them.

Some of the main features of the software are as follows:

  • Easy access to and knowledge about public welfare programs, including the Guzara Allowance, Health Fund, and Jahez Fund, KPK students scholarships and Madrasah English and local language funds – Urdu & Pashto.
  • Hospitals located and zakat target persons identified in hospitals
  • District zakat officers and District zakat Chairman's contact information are readily accessible, along with offices on the map
  • Simple downloading of all scheme forms with the application
  • Contact local officers and district president of Zakat district through the app directly

As part of Cycle 6 of the Innovation Fellowship Program of the Government of the KP, a three-way collaboration between KPITB and the Code of Pakistan, The World Bank Group, the Mustahiq application was established. Fellows also worked with various government departments in KP to create software solutions, applications, and online facilities to help KP government departments in transition to automation and digitalization to make citizens' facilitation accessible and cost-effective. In November last year, the Fellowship ended with 20 good students.

The Mustahiq app will overcome the problem of hitting Zakat and Social Welfare goal beneficiaries for the KPK government while facilitating the access of decent people from the government departments to medical and financial assistance. Both of the app's operations are paperless and make social protection and the Zakat and the people easier.