Latest Windows 10 Update Is Causing Issues

Microsoft has recently released a Windows update which was intended to solve the problems with failed printer links created by the previous version of the update. Rather, the upgrade caused further issues since certain users cannot access the update on computers.

The problem was mostly seen on surface devices like Surface Studio 2 and Surface Pro 7, as updates hit 70 or 100%, and fail afterward. This is much more relevant as the recent upgrade triggered problems such as graphics stuttering, substantial decreases in the frame rate, and even a total collapse. It also produced some blue screens.

Similarly, previously deleted bugs caused problems such as the 'Temporary Account' bug, causing the disappearance of files and configurations, and also forcing users to migrate to the user profile. However, this error is reported on a small number of devices. It should be noted.

It seems that Microsoft will quickly take steps to monitor these problems but it is suggested for consumers, in particular, if the machine is a Surface flagship computer, to skip the most recent patch upgrade.