LinkedIn Confirms Data Breach of 500 Million Subscribers

Linkedin has recently experienced a huge violation of data. Nearly 500 million user files have been shredded and placed for auction online. The data leaked contains information that is confidential, such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, information about the workplace, full identities, account IDs, social media ties, and gender.

An anonymous person has sold the violated information on a hacker website, which samples data from more than two million people. In return for the stolen files, the hacker asks for a four-digit sum (in USD), perhaps in Bitcoins. This occurred only after a leak of scraped information from more than 500 million Facebook users.

A spokesman for LinkedIn told the newspaper, "The posted data collection seems to contain publicly accessible information which was scrapped from LinkedIn in combination with data from other websites or organizations while we're still looking into the matter. The removal of our LinkedIn members' data breaches our terms of service and we work tirelessly to protect our members and their information."

More than 740 million people have LinkedIn accounts and the company says that more than two-thirds of its subscribers have been hacked and sold online.