LinkedIn introduces Creator Mode & Video Cover Stories

LinkedIn seeks to improve the interaction of its website for users. It has launched some new features to help people express themselves better. LinkedIn also added a video cover stories function to make the application colorful so that users can introduce themselves to a video and let employers know the services they provide. When users choose a cover story, there will be an orange ring and you can click here to look at the tale. The new design mode allows users to follow and link to other people. If users are allowed to add hashtags.

In addition, LinkedIn launched a new way in which users can communicate with others in its own design mode. Users can add hashtags in Creator mode, replace the Connect button by a Follow button and transfer Featured and Activity segments to the top of the profile. LinkedIn Live broadcasters will stream live on their profile history.

LinkedIn also adds a gender pronoun where you can add your own sex pronoun. This is an optional field next to the user's name.

LinkedIn revealed in a blog that it works on a Clubhouse-type service throughout the application. The company owned by Microsoft In the last few months, the audio-based socializing idea has brought the Clubhouse public attention. Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram soon came to notice, which included this feature in the apps.

Also, LinkedIn aims to do something similar in order to offer users different ways of sharing their stories and of communicating their profile. LinkedIn has certainly always been dry for technical communications alone, but the company now aims to draw more users to expressive and inclusive apps.

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