Local mango shortage is again expected as Pakistan plans for export to China

Pakistani people are left with lower quality mangoes every year and pay high prices for what little remains to opportunistic vendors. Most premium mangoes are exported on arrival in the season. It's not going to be any different this season, apparently. Consumers could face a serious dearth of good quality mangoes because Pakistan has chosen to add China to its exporting mangoes countries.

Since climate change has delayed the mango season, it was agreed, in accordance with the Ministry of Trade's notice, to extend the date of the beginning of the exports of the mango to 25 May.

"We had started exporting Mango at mid-May, but the mango season is now starting late as a result of changes in the surrounding climate, so the government decided to start exporting accordingly," said Ahmad Jawad, former Chairman of Agriculture Committee of the Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation (FPCCI).

According to estimates, Pakistan manufactures and exports approximately 1.9 million tonnes of mangoes, with products often disappearing from the market because of unnecessary exportation, and thus out of reach of the public. This year, Pakistan expects to export more because it will be able to gain access to the market in China, with Pakistani mango varieties projected to be large-scale this summer on the Chinese market.

Citizens can therefore have to cope with an acute shortage of premium export mangoes, with lesser varieties.