LUMS hosts the world's first virtual event for the growing alumni community

The first interactive homecoming event in LUMS took the growing alumni network from all over the world together. During April 8-10, 2021, this highly-anticipated annual event consisted of a number of unique online events that linked learners from around the world.

Three days is reimagined: from a simulated campus tour to interviews with favorite vocalists and cricketers, meetings with faculty members to a masters' course on Pakistani cinema, poetry recitals to fireside talks with representatives of LUMS, and much more.

During this case, the institution also initiated the initiative 'Give a Day to LUMS,' which promoted students to add as little as a day to their annual bursary profits. The push aims to address the financial concerns of highly talented students around the world by helping them gain the expertise they need at LUMS to become pioneering users.

During this time, the students participated ardently as their reflection reflects on their experience in Lumini, their educational achievements, and lasting relationships and friendships at the University. The previous students have shared perspectives on negotiating the labor market and beginning their own businesses after graduation. In addition, Adeel Hashmi led some of the sessions and kept his witty talk and charming appeal entertaining the audience.

The spectators were also delighted to hear about their long-standing relationship with the university, which was spoken about by the founders of LUMS, the founding chancellor, Sid Babar Ali, pro-chancellor, Abdul Razak Dawood the founding and member of the governing body, Dr. Parvez Hassan and Rector Shahid Hussain.

Whilst reflecting on the remarkable growth of the institution during the 35 years of its founding, Syed Babar Ali, the LUMS Founding Chancellor, has associated it to the faculties and alumni, adding, "A university is not recognised by its structure or emblem but rather what is achieved by students. The factory that nourishes and teaches them is the credit for this. We would like to honour and maintain contact with our alumni. We want to learn from them and also make sure their families, their environment and Pakistan get pride and credit."

In keeping with the history, eight individuals were awarded the Vice Chancellor's Alumni Achievement Awards. The prize-winners shared their achievements with others and sincerely appreciated the distinction while pledging to continue to serve their skills.

Speaking of the significance of the Award for the Alumni, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor, said: 'The Alumni have won this award to celebrate LUMS's legacy of excellence. The institution feels fortunate to be celebrating its successes in the most positive manner with the community in acknowledgment of its outstanding achievements in different fields and programs in societies at the national and international level.

In order to allow everyone to participate in their first virtual Alumni Homecoming gathering, LUM S successfully removed distance restrictions. The alumni have estimated the institution's attempts to deliver the case to them at a time when the pandemic was not physically on campus.