Mobile PUBG expected to ban two Relatives kills after 'gaming addict'

A fan of Battleground PlayerUnknown's reportedly shot two people and shot them, and killed them. Killer's been PUBG Mobile addicted.

In line with the results of the district police station's first investigation report, the man fired his family, murdered his lay-in-law and her companion, and critically wounded his mother and two siblings after arguing with their relatives in private cases.

Umar Baloch, the deputy policeman's superintendent, claimed in the media that the incident "was at war with his family over a scam of Rs 15 million. He brought a gun yesterday and fired it."

He said the person responsible for the game was a fan of the ardent PUBG mobile player and addicted to drugs.

The police wrote a letter of restriction of the game to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). On 30 July 2020, for a short period of time on PUBG Mobile last year, the game resumed after the government had been asked by the high court of Islamabad to lift the ban.

Young people are compelled to play and play this game, their addiction following involvement in the game. The player must play the game for the destination. Aggressive acts among players have also been recorded.

Dr. Sheik said gaming users are also irritable and avoid new friends, though online friends can be found. If the girls are a disincentive to play sports, they will be frustrated, she said.

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