Mysterious webcam that looks right and left like a real human eye

German students have created a camera that looks almost the same as the human eye. This webcam, known as iCam, has been developed as a research project by university students.

The iCam is equipped with eyelids, eyelids, and other details that make it very true. The webcam was created in their Human-Computer Interaction Lab by Mark Tessier and his colleagues at the University of Saarland. He previously built an artificial human skin phone and an artificial human finger on a smartphone. These two inventions have been discussed a great deal.

According to Mark, we don't look at the webcam much of the time, but staring at this eye-shaped iCam offers us an incredible sense of privacy and constant vision. With our invention, we just want people to feel like that." Although the webcams continuously see us, the human-like eye-cam provides us with the feeling of pleasure, sorrow, surprise, and helplessness.

In iCam it will take four typical movements for the human eyeball and the thin eye. It comes with a three-dimensional printer. It is colored silicone and has actual human hair on the eyebrows. It has also a small camera and six motors are used to drive the entire eye.

The iCam cable is wired to the device or laptop's USB port and activates instantly.